Individual Croc Charms Page 2

Individual Croc Charms Page 2

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Grab your exclusive shoe charms right here! I know there are so many to chose from but make sure you check all the pages for the perfect mix! Each charm is sold individually and vary in size. *QUANTITIES CAN BE UPDATED IN THE CART* All shoe charms ship within 3-5 business days unless otherwise stated OR ordered with items that have a longer shipping time. Make sure you double check your numbers before finalizing your order because we are not responsible for incorrectly ordered charms. 

Installation Directions:
Place one of the shoe charms over a hole in the shoe's toe area with the decorative element facing toward you, and push it firmly into the hole until the circular, black piece on the back of the charm passes through. The flexibility of the plastic shoes should allow the charm to snap into place. If it doesn't push through easily, try inserting it at an angle. You can also take a hair dryer and apply a bit of heat to the shoe to soften it up for the charm to go in easier. Spin the shoe charm until it faces the desired direction or until the bottom of the charm faces the toe of the shoe.

Removal Directions:
To remove a shoe charm, slide your hand into the shoe so your index finger rests against the back of the shoe charm, and push the piece upward. Maintain a gentle wiggling motion until the charm pops out. Never pull the charm from the top as this can rip the edges of the shoe hole or break the charm.


This item may be a chocking hazard. Parental supervision is advised. Keep out of reach of young children. We are not responsible for any incidents.